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Help With The Ladies|HelpWithTheLadies.Com  In everyday scenarios you may see, meet or even dream about that one girl you wish you could, or would love to be with. Its honestly common with every man no matter what age, status, or experience. Almost every guy wants to be with someone attractive who wants to be with them. Most men like you will find solutions and realize that they are not willing to settle for less or worse… loneliness. Lets face it, if your with a person your just not attracted to you or want someone you are attracted to, this will be the advice you need to help you get that women you deserve. It happens to all of us and its true, the question still remains though… “How do I get Her?”

Well you’ve come to the right place, where we will go through skilled techniques and steps tested by current dating coaches that will get you the help you need with the ladies. We even managed to get tips and tricks for the best Online Dating Consultants and coaches. (yeah dude, those guys are real). You ever seen that movie “Hitch”?… if so, yeah ..those types skills.  This site will also give you Relationship advice,Tips ,Sex and Dating advice to keep it fresh and exciting for you and your current or future spouse. (Married Men will learn stuff too!) So grab a drink… and listen up!


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12 Things Women Want


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Make Yourself Attractive

Make Yourself Attractive to Women: Social Scene or Personal

Make Yourself Attractive

– If you walk up to a girl and introduce yourself , 2 things will happen: 1) She’ll be interested and open up with a “Hi” then as you converse her body language will move closer to you. Ex: Touching of her hair, hand on the hip and look straight into your eyes as if she’s starring into your soul. It may sound strange but its absolutely the case when a women is interested. They act like your the only one in the place. 2)If she’s not then she’ll be completely stand-offish, won’t even try to make eye contact, fold her arms,  or completely ignore you ,like you  the un-attractive man just ruined her night at the bar. If this has happened to you (as it has for all of us) here’s how you counteract it:

-Be Confident :If your at a bar or club or any type of social event make sure you have fun by yourself  first. Or if your out with a few of your buddies enjoy your own company by simply showing whoever’s watching that your gonna have fun regardless if you get a girls number or not, Think of it as if every night is your night no matter what. So Demand you be seen by being confident in your own skin and environment.  Not very confident? fine.. Start by prep talking  yourself(at home preferably). Tell yourself your a stud and your gonna have a great time tonight. Do it now! Get in the mirror and let yourself know you love yourself and then get ready for an awesome time.

How To Make Yourself More Attractive

Dress in what you feel is comfortable: Dress in something that you feel is comfortable on any occasion, just make sure it isn’t something you could easily wear to work or to a damn soccer game. Pick the right shoes with the right shirt and coordinate. Yes! Women notice this stuff so if your not very fashion forward take some practice runs until you get there. After that remember that even if you are desperate for a women you don’t want to make it look like you are so dress accordingly. Be honest with who you are by being your own man and knowing you look good before you walk out of your place.

Grooming and Hygiene are key: Its really easy to do too, but some men find it really hard to stay up to par with deodorant,hygiene and hair styling. Women will notice if you just got off work and went to the bar buddy, so stop it! Shower about 1HR 1/2 before you go out so you know your clean. Deodorize right after you get out of the shower and right before you go out to maintain freshness. Make sure you smell good dammit! Go to any perfume store or mall and ask the clerk what girls love their men to smell like or what they like themselves. If the clerk(Man or Women) is attractive they usually will be honest and tell you what is a really good scent other than try to sell you on something. *Its better to invest in some great expensive cologne other than some cheap garbage or body-spray that will repulse women.

Hair is always noticeable: Now, you cant hide it nor fight it so just maintain it! If your a hairy guy with a beard, trim it to more than half of your actual hair length so you look like your well maintained and care about your appearance. Also trim anywhere you feel has too much hair, all places included. If your balding let it go man…either go bald completely, or trim it down to the scalp. Little things like that will show a women that no matter what the hair style you have, your confident enough to show off what you got. Bald or Styled hair will still attract gorgeous women, It only depends on you.


Self Esteem Builders (Self Help)

According to the dictionary self-esteem is a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect. Many people suffer from low self-esteem for several reasons. There are many self help programs available for you to use in order to regain your self-esteem. The step to decide to use these self help steps is just the beginning. The bottom line is women love confidence so you might wanna take some notes if you have issues with yourself first.

A self help program has several steps involved in order for you to regain your self-esteem. Among the self help steps is as follows,

  • Do the things you love
  • Help others
  • Acknowledge your strengths
  • Don’t let anyone be mean to you
  • Tell friends not to be negative around you.
  • Research all self help websites for tips and ideas
  • Learn to accept compliments.
  • Be positive
  • Compare how you are now to how you were before
  • Never put yourself down

Our self-esteem is formed over the years beginning when we were a child. We are always worried about how we look, what type of person we are, if we are good at anything, and what are areas of weaknesses are. Depending on the people we interact with over the years and how well those interactions went is what makes up our self-esteem.

Some experiences in our lifetimes can cause a person to have low self-esteem to sometimes no self-esteem at all. For example, a bad experience such as a horrible divorce can cause a person to have low self-esteem because that person no longer feels loved or needed. Many experts have developed several self help tips and ideas for such a person to get the help he or she needs.

A person’s self-esteem can take some hard knocks over the years. Some believe that your teenage years can be the hardest on your self-esteem. When you are a teenager everything seems to be so serious, but when you look back at it now it was only trivial and you probably wonder why it seemed so important at the time. Self help websites or books can assist with your self-esteem issues that even a doctor may not be able to assist with. Self-esteem can be helped by taking self help courses available through your doctor on online or even in pamphlets. Or simply smiling in the mirror at yourself everyday and saying to yourself “Im awesome”… it may sound or look silly but it works… go try it.. say it.. NOW!

You will need to sit down and take inventory on yourself and pinpoint the areas that you believe is the reasons you have self-esteem problems. Self help programs cannot help you if you don’t first try to help yourself. Take a look at friends and family, maybe even your school teachers, any of the important people in your life could have said or done something that made you lose your self-esteem.

If you lived or live in a negative environment most or all of your life this can have a definite impact on your self-esteem. For example, if someone is always downing you and criticizing you and only talking about your faults, sooner or later, you start to believe them yourself.

The self help programs are put into place for a reason and they are easily located. All you have to do is look and research for the proper self help program that you believe will best suit your self-esteem problems. Your great! but the only way she’ll notice that is if you notice it first buddy.

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How To Easily Become More Attractive To Girls

Something that may help..

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How To Approach Girls Without Freezing Up

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