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How To Get Girls Attention: Bar/Club or Lounge(Guaranteed)

How To Get A Girls Attention|Getting Girls Attention|  

A few things you have to keep in mind when picking up a girl in a bar (Don’t mess this up dude) just remember:

1) Motives: She’s there to have fun and enjoy the scenery.

2) Competition: Women compete with other women all the time so it may be harder for her to notice you if your a fly on the wall or in a dark corner of a bar. Get out there and be seen! With a few of these techniques…Yes Techniques, It will be a lot easier for youto get noticed and grab Her attention as long as you practice what i’m about to explain to you . Oh and..

3) Don’t Over-think It: Don’t make it hard for you to enjoy yourself or her to enjoy herself by Hawking aka (watching from a far), if she’s not interested it just turns into creepy and if you see her or her friends out next time that will lead to “Awkward Moments” So lets get started Casanova.

Step 1.

~The first thing you need to know is Seed Planting: Seed planting is key for all aspects of meeting women in any environment. The point of seed planting is letting a girl know your interested without actually letting her know your interested. With seed planting you will take anything you like about her, (assuming your done eye-humping) take a specific clothing item or the color of her dress, smile, outfit,  hair ,etc.. Walk up to her like she’s on the way to where your actually headed in the first place and give her a compliment passing by. Simple right? Remember if your in a bar, club or lounge its going to be loud  and you don’t want to take from her enjoying herself by you coming up to trying to have an in-depth conversation, that’s pointless in that atmosphere and silly for a first meet scenario.

Step 2.

– Make sure your not vulgar or disgusting when giving ANY girl a compliment otherwise you’ll come off as a douche bag just trying to get laid. Instead say something like “you have the hottest outfit in this place… amazing, cheers!” or ” Your hair cut is awesome, I dig it”. She’ll usually respond with a thanks or a laugh, then polite thank you. Then you disappear like you have to use the bathroom or meet a friend more important, either way avoid hawking and actually avoid her general area for around 15 -20 minutes. This is the point of Seed Planting, your planting seeds around the bar while enjoying yourself. If she’s interested she’ll look around for you, never give a girl too much attention up front or it could be a huge turn-off. *Note: Try this on 2 girls minimum and 4-5 maximum when it gets more comfortable for you. Just remember the chances that ANY of them are interested is great as long as You know you have options open.

Step 3.

-Another example, You see a girl at the bar or across the room in some social event, the first thing you do is take a deep breath, relax and smile at her. Im not talking anything too cheesy, just a plain old smile, smirk or even a wink works. If she grins or smiles back you have a slight chance she’s interested, wait a few minutes then walk up and say 1 or 2 things to her at the most that have to do with her,  or her attractive smile, outfit,style…etc then leave. Women play timid or “hard to get” all the time even if they’re unattractive so feel free to practice on a few that you wouldn’t normally be attracted to just to get it down. You’d be surprised how many jerks get the hot nice girl just by being jerks. This stuff works if you use it to your advantage and do it…. consistently! *Note: This process is about being comfortable with yourself first and knowing that you may get rejected. The whole purpose of seed planting is getting girls to notice who you are and give you the time of day, other than seeing you as another random guy at the bar. Instead you’ll be the cool guy that actually had the balls to talk to that hot chick others would be terrified to approach. You’ll never know unless you talk to as many girls as possible and weigh your options…yes YOUR options. Try at least 2 girls a weekend and work your way up.

Bar & Club Hook-ups aka Hooking Up!

Sealing The Deal:After she’s acknowledged that you noticed her, wait a few minutes or as the night is coming to an end and follow up with something like: “I wanted to compliment the hottest girl in here and I’ve accomplished that for the night… Can I call you?”. Use something related to her being attractive and you wanting to do something later or hang out and get coffee sometime. A few things that you need to be aware of is a simple yes or a fast no. If she tells you she’s interested than your in there! Exchange numbers, let her know you look forward to hanging out and give her a hug. If No? She says she has a BF or isn’t interested than politely say you respect that and it was nice meeting her. Don’t get discouraged because 1)you’ve initiated the conversation so you could pat yourself on the back for showing her your interested. 2) As you do this often you begin to realize you can talk to ANYONE and be comfortable with  breaking the ice. The point is to get women to notice you so high five your self and move forward to the next one.

Hooking Up Tips| Bar & Club Hookups|

*Online Dating Consultant- Kyle Logan

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