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Did you two Break up or What?

As a culture, we glorify the break up. We watch our favorite characters in movies, television, and novels endure their separations. Magazines offer news of celebrity break ups as headlines. We have turned the end of a relationship into an agonizing experience, an experience so negative some never recover from it. Breaking up is a big deal in our lives, but the reality is, it should not be. There is no need for anyone to feel the pains of a broken heart or sorrow over a bitter end to a relationship. Breaking up does not have to be a negative experience. Mending a broken heart is simple and recovering and managing a break up is easy.

Break up   Sadness is a natural reaction to the end of a relationship. It is a common response, but it does not make much sense. If a relationship ends, it is because it did not work. Maybe it was you, maybe it was your partner, and maybe it was mutual. It really does not matter. A break up is the end of something that was not successful, and that is good. The reality is, breaking up is beneficial to you. It gives you a tremendous opportunity to experience a fresh start with another partner, with the potential to yield more happiness and enrichment in both your lives. The end of a relationship is the end of something, which may have been harmful, dysfunctional, or unhappy, and concluding it is always a good thing. Once a person realizes this, it becomes clear that a break up is never bad for them. Because of it, you can progress into a more fulfilling part of your life, whether independently or with a new partner.

It is common for a person to endure a break up, only to realize afterword is how unhappy they had been in the relationship. “It ending was the best thing that ever happened to me” has become a frequently used expression. It is far less of an end than it is a beginning. A break up is the formal start to something else, something new, and something that has the potential to be better. That is a very good thing. The single greatest way to manage a break up is to see it as the opportunity that it is, and to enjoy the sudden control you have over the course of your life.

At this stage, it’s important to make a decision. Do you want to remain single, or progress into another relationship? There is no wrong answer. Following a break up, the choice becomes yours as to what you want, and what you want to pursue to bring you greater happiness. Do what you want, always. If you decide you want a new partner, go out and find her. There is no reason to cling to a failed relationship. Doing so only takes away from the happiness that could be discovered elsewhere.

People break up, and that it’s never a bad thing. A break up is just a promise that greater happiness can be found elsewhere in your future. By its very nature, the end of a relationship that did not work can only benefit your life. Keep this in mind, move on to greater pursuits or new loves, and you will find them.

Steps On How To Get Over A Break Up:

Step 1. Get Laid!… Get on a Tinder Binder and go HAM (Hard As A Muth%Fk&$) On These ratchet hoes. LOL. No, but seriously get some ASAP! Why? 1. Because you need it to build up that self esteem if you got dumped brotha! 2. Simply, because it’s a lot easier to get over a chick knowing you’re desired by other willing female participants. 3. The moment you hear someone else is boning your ex-girl you’ll flip unless you’re pre-occupied with other trim. Boom Boom!



Step 2. Repeat… Step 1. I’m not joking, Do it!… All the time bro.

Step3. Reinvent your style, swagger, Hair cut.. etc.. Become a NEW YOU! You’ll notice a change in how you carry yourself, new types of women will notice this as well INCLUDING your EX-Girlfriend. That’s if you even want that ratchet ass girl back. (Hahahaha) but seriously. You know the deal. “They always regret/want what they can’t have anymore” – Online Dating Consultant Kyle Logan 

Step 4… Play A lot of Drake Songs  (JK) Chill Out.

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Rebounding Like Dennis Rodman!

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