Dating In 2015

When a person becomes the dating age they wonder how to start dating. They ask themselves where do I begin, where do I look, who do I talk to. These are just a few of the questions people ask themselves when deciding on how to start dating. Dating can be very scary or it can be a lot of fun.

     Dating In 2015

To learn how to start dating you will need to know a few tips that can assist you in your journey of a lifetime. If you are a guy out there trying to snag that first date with this girl that you have been noticing at your local coffee shop and at the market, or wherever. You ask yourself why is she not noticing me. Well, three things you need to know to help you with that problem is 1) Your body language, 2) Types of conversation, and 3) Lower the stakes.

If you are a guy that’s had some or little experience  and you want to know how to start dating you need to pay attention to your actions and reactions to the girl.  A woman will give off many hints with her actions when she is attracted to a man.  She may get nervous when he is around, or flip her hair often.  Most likely, she will laugh at everything you say.

How to start dating a girl : You have to remember to be confident and not nervous. A girl likes a guy that will come across as domineering and non-apologetic. Watch the tone of voice you use when speaking to a girl (woman) or they might leave. Carry on a conversation she may be interested in. Don’t be rude or over bearing.

When a woman  wants to learn how to start dating they usually learn three important steps  from either their friends or their mom . So WE should all  know these steps which are 1) Courtship, 2) The Uncommitted Relationship, and 3) The Committed Relationship. Most women like taking it slow, so make sure you don’t talk about how the relationship is “progressing” too much because this can turn a girl off quicker than your favorite football team losing the Superbowl. Instead, talk about exciting things going on that you think she might be interested in. Nothing that is too ridiculous, just bring up a subject and ask her opinion.(Dont Be a Tool bro!)  If you want to get commited to her make sure its passed at the least 3 months before asking her to be exclusive.

The little things when dating is  knowing the unspoken courtship rules. A woman does not want to play the role of convincer because this can scare a many dudes away. A man wants to be the convincer and nine times out of ten if he can play this role he makes the decision to continue the relationship. Then you can start spending more time together. Word of advice at this stage, enjoy the relationship and relax. Do not pressure her in any way. Then the commitment stage of the relationship. Now, you both have gotten to know each other and she should feel comfortable in the relationship and begin feeling the urge for a fully committed relationship.

Tips on how to start dating are here but the key is to pick them up as you go. Everyone learns by experience so remember that the process of  dating is  just a process so don’t spaz if she doesn’t call you back or respond to a text. Just be you and be honest with yourself at all times then let nature take its course. Not one person has that perfect “How to start dating” formula, but you will get the hang of it.

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