Hairstyles For Men

Hairstyles For Men

It is imperative to have an awesome looking hairstyle when trying to approach a women which is why you need to stay current and up to date with your clothing and your Hairstyle.

Lets start with what you’re working with, first off? Balding.. or Bald is easy. Just keep that bad boy short, trimmed, shaved and groomed and feel free to spice it up with some mild facial hair like seen in this example below:

Hairstyles For Men | How To| Before

Men's #1 Source For Help With The Ladies | Helpwiththeladies.Com  After

Again this is if you’ve been balding for a while or are already bald. If this is you and you’re still hanging on by a thread..LET IT GO MAN!.. Shave that Sh%@. Trust me, women would prefer a well groomed man with a little shadow over a man with an Island on their head.. let alone a ponytail holding on for dear life. That my friends just screams “I’M DESPERATE”  or trying to hold on to the glory days. Either way, that’s not a good look. Keep it simple, clean and low maintenance so you can groom it yourself whenever going out on a new date as opposed to hitting up the barber shop every week or so… Grab some (Clippers) and get to work. Remember.. practice makes perfect.

Moving on, to my fellas with an even amount of hair, think of your favorite (Male) celebrity, Actor preferably. Musicians are kinda sketchy when picking a hair-do considering the fact that they’re all over the place when trying to reinvent themselves. Pick an actor that is always known for a clean cut look, grab a photo online like the one below and tell your lovely stylist or manly barber to give you a signature “Chuck Norris” look… not really 🙂 but you get the point right?

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