Relationship Goals & Maintaining Relationships

The question of the day is, “How to start a relationship?” Many people wonder how to start a relationship and they just do not have a clue. However, we are here today to help you get past the nervous giddy part of how to start a relationship. We have a few suggestions to jump start you into your future with Mrs Right!

Relationship goals   The number one step in how to start a relationship is to “Be Yourself!” If you like sports go to places that people do those types of activities or enjoy a good sports event such as football. If you are a comedian and love to make people laugh, tell jokes or just be your fun self around others, just don’t be obnoxious. My point is, sit back and think about your likes and dislikes and what you would like to have or receive from a relationship and this, my friend, is how to start a relationship by knowing yourself and what you want out of a relationship.

Secondly, communication, when learning how to start a relationship you must learn how to communicate with people. If there isn’t open communication between two people the relationship will generally fizzle out before it gets started.

The third step in how to start a relationship can be tricky. Some people just want to chat and not jump right into a relationship. You have to pick and choose where and how to begin a conversation with a person you believe to be that special person you would like to be exclusive. Find a reason to engage in conversation and chat about things that seems to keep the persons interest and maybe invite that person for coffee tomorrow and there begins the seed for a good friendship.

Fourth step in how to start a relationship, “BE HONEST!” Do not lie about anything. By lying about yourself later this could back and bite you in the tail and the relationship you built with this person could be lost forever.

Fifth step in how to start a relationship is to be sure the person can tell you like them and not just passing through. Have conversations with the person about things you have in common. If you are in school talk about how that is going, ask about family, etc. Just don’t bring up getting into a relationship too quickly you might scare them off.

Sixth step on how to start a relationship is be flirty, but not overly flirty. Flirting tends to open the door to beginning a relationship with the person of interest. However, if flirting isn’t something you would do don’t do it unless you feel comfortable with it.

Seventh step of how to start a relationship is do not smother the person you want to have a relationship because they may not like that. They may like their space like most people do. Being clingy can cause a person that may have liked you to back off.

There are many more ways or tips on how to start a relationship available for everyone to read about. Just remember to be yourself, be honest, and nature will take care of the rest.


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