Sex In 2015: You Want It..? Read This…!

According to the dictionary, monogamy is a marriage with only one person at a time. Sex is to arouse sexually. If you look around today many people have multiple partners while engaging sex with each partner. A monogamous relationship is hard to find today, and in some cases overrated but it does have its benefits. Some people only go out to find someone to have meaningless sex with, while others may be looking for that one special person to have sex with and be exclusive with that person only(One Nighters are another story). Its not necessarily a bad thing to hook up with whoever as long as your doing it safely and doing it well.

Now, there is different types of sex and different ways to go about having it, from monogamous sex to dirty, nasty, awesome, or unspeakable hookups. If your with someone you are really trying to sleep with or some random woman thats unattractive you still want to handle business.

Sex In 2015 

A person can seek a monogamous relationship married or not.  By seeking out monogamous relationships they can have there advantages. This type of relationship can make the experience of having sex with one individual a special, romantic experience. However, if you decide to have a promiscuous relationship that you have sex with multiple partners you can take chances and experience what different women like. Not all women like the same things in bed so you have to know what your doing. Having sex is not something you enter into lightly.

You have to realize there maybe repercussions. Look, If your bad at sex your relationship will eventually suffer in the longrun or if its the first time and you suck? There may not even be another date, so don’t even start to think relationships unless you know you can please a women before you get your rocks off okay?

Here’s some Sex tips: 1)Do it yourself and masturbate at least one time before going out to any social bar, club, or event with hot women. It has been scientifically proven that a male that masturbates before an interaction with women gives off a pheromone that attracts women. Don’t believe it?…look it up if you find this a little far fetched but our experts will agree and you will too once you try this techniques.

2) Breathing techniques during sex or while jerking off will eliminate some forms of early ejaculation, have you ever noticed how pornstar guys breathing is? Well try it with a slow inhale and fast exhale while masturbating and notice a difference.

3) Think elsewhere,Think of the women as if she’s unimportant to distract you a little bit and think of an unpleasant situation to get you from thinking (your having sex). Example: Picture a nasty old women or something of that nature so you prolong the sexual experience. Remember that its not that she isn’t attractive or your not into it but you do want to use these “Mind Tricks” to help your endurance and please her first and then you will learn to enjoy it together…over and over.

When you make the decision about wanting to be with that special someone dating websites can help you eliminate the ones that only out there want meaningless sex. A dating website,will take the information of several sex partners or other info then take your information of what type of person you would like to have a monogamous relationship and help give you a database full of potential girlfriend or wife material.

Now with that said, there are a variety of  women who want to cut through all of the bullsh%@ and get down to hair pulling all that other stuff and these type of women are usually not ready to get out of the rat-race and find that special someone to have sex with and maybe take it to the next step. So if your thinking “special someone” keep reading.

*If you decide to join a dating website they will have you create a profile that tells a little about yourself and you likes and dislikes. Some of the questions are as follows,

  • Are you married/divorced/widowed
  • Your birthdate
  • Where you are located
  • What your hobbies are
  • What your interests are
  • What you are looking for in that special someone
  • What you look like

The dating website will post your ad for all to see and this way you can be matched with people with similar interests. Try something like match or other dating sites so when your profile has some hits on it, the website will inform you of a potential date match wanting to meet you or email you. Then you can decide from there if you want to pursue this person or not.

Now Enough is Enough!…A dating website can help you to cut through all of the bull and you can pick and choose the people that you are interested in from the comforts of your own home. By using a dating website you will not have to worry about the jitters of how to approach this person or what to say because you will already know their interests and hobbies before you meet them. Times are hard in the economy today and a single lady or man going out on the town can be weird or awkward unless you are with a group of people or fully comfortable in your own skin. The expense to go out to a club or a fancy restaurant can be eliminated by using the online dating websites and keep you safe as well. But the purpose of this site is to get you out there and meet someone, so think of a dating website as either your last resort or simply practice for something better. Practice makes perfect. 😉


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